General Rules:

1) Hateful conduct (racism, homophobic slurs, insulting/degrading a specific group of individuals) is not tolerated at any point on our servers (This includes all variations of the N-word)G1.

2) Harassment of community members is not tolerated. If someone tells you to stop, you stop.

3) Ear-rape is not allowed.

4) Do not talk in other languages. Making small comments is fine, but no large conversations. If asked by staff to talk English, you must do so.

5) NSFW/NSFL content is not allowed under any circumstances.

6) Do not bypass any punishments for either yourself or for other community members. This includes (but not limited to) bypassing bans, discord mutes/warns, and sharing content with banned users.

7) Respect your fellow community members. If you have an issue with someone, either block them or ignore them.

8) Use common sense at ALL timesG2.

Discord Rules:

1) Drama is not tolerated on the discord server. Take it elsewhereD1.

2) Micspam is not allowed inside our VCs.

3) Do not spam in our chats. They are there for everyone, not just you.

4) Repeatedly posting unrelated gifs/stickers/emotes in chats isn't allowed.

5) Follow Discord ToS (Terms of Service) at all times. Failure to do so will result in a ban (This does NOT include usage of BetterDiscord).

SCP: Secret Laboratory Rules:

1) No teamkilling, however D-class on D-class is allowed.S1.

2) Do not prolong the round on purpose.

3) Micspam is allowed only in proximity (human) chat.
- In addition to this, playing copyrighted music while streamers are online on our servers is not allowed at any point.
- Using the intercom without saying anything counts as micspam.

4) Indirect teamkilling (such as teaming or closing doors on fellow teammates) counts as teamkilling.

5) NTF (including Facility Guards and Scientists) are not allowed to team with SCPS. Chaos (and D-class) are allowed to team with SCPs after the first respawn wave.

6) Do not kill disarmed players unless they disobey orders, or their original faction spawns.

7) Modified clients and glitch exploitingS2 is prohibited. Usage of these will result in an instant 50y ban from the server, and possible game ban.
- Furthermore, revealing staff (server or global) at any point will also result in a server ban
- Ghosting also falls under this rule, and is classed as cheating.